Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama Attacks BP (NYSE:BP) CEO to Deflect Blame

Obama has come under increasing scrutiny in disfavor over his handling of the oil crisis, and now is using the lame tactic of deflecting blame by attacking BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Tony Hayward because he had a couple of times misspoke, or at least gave the perception of misspeaking over the crisis.

The latest tirade of Obama is that he would have fired Hayward over the comments he made over the Gulf oil spill.

This is an incredibly stupid comment that smells and hints of desperation by Obama, who looks inept and unable to govern, and his campaign rhetoric increasingly looking shallow and without content.

With Obama plunging in popularity and seemingly unable to manage, while riding roughshod over the will of the American people, this is one of the few plays left for him, as he looks anemic and exposed under the media light that has finally focused on him and his capabilities, which are highly lacking and showing the extreme lack of management and governing experience.

The backward move to try to resurrect a couple of statements made by Hayward, which weren't really that big of a deal in the first place, unveils Obama's desperation and understanding of what this is costing him.

The mask if finally off the emperor and a growing number of people are starting to dislike what they're seeing.

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  1. What you are accusing Obama of, is exactly what you are doing. If you want to blame someone who let this oil giant grow to what it is today, how about former President Bush?

    But let's be realistic, they can't just go down and fix it, its not a broken pipe under your kitchen sink. Before they are even allowed to drill at such depths there should have been a few contingency plans for every possible mishap, including a broken pipe.

    Enough pressure and finger pointing as there will be plenty of that when the litigations start rolling in between the owner/operator/contractors and everyone else who may get sued. Let the engineers figure out a solution and lets get a grip on this already. Let's look further into these deepwater drilling companies and realize why are they mostly foreign incorporated companies? And when they do come within distance of the US, let's keep an eye on those tax breaks.