Monday, June 7, 2010

Goldman (NYSE:GS) Preparing BP (NYSE:BP) Defense? Why?

News reports allege Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) is preparing a defense on behalf of BP (NYSE:BP) in case of takeover attempts, but that seems so far fetched at this time as not to be taken seriously.

Even if a CEO and board or directors gave the go ahead to attempt to acquire BP, think of the shareholder lawsuits that would line up to rightly combat it.

At this stage it's incredulous to think anyone in their right mind would want to acquire BP, as there's no way some type of government bailout would help it be accomplished, as it would devastate the already devastated Obama administration and Democrats if they were to even hint as such a thing.

Even so, this seems similar to the military practicing potential scenarios and how to deal with them rather than anything based in reality.

Now once the fallout is better understood and the costs related to the oil spill are accurately portrayed, at that time it would make possible sense, because similar to the banking industry, huge institutions were taken over by others, even with heavy liability attached to them.

With BP being the major company demonized here, anyone else taking over would probably be given a better deal and opportunity to settle a variety of claims.

BP will probably be punished all along because of the media portrayal of them and their being the major stakeholder in the oil well that is leaking.

Again, this could all be a preparation for some time down the road, but it wouldn't apply to anything at this time, as no one would touch BP at this stage of the game, but months down the road, once things are managed and the leak is under control, questions as to whether to allow BP to continue to be a company will probably emerge, and then the sharks will be circling because of the blood in the water, and that is probably what the preparations are for, not for anything in the near term.

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