Friday, June 4, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP): Enviromental Site Assessment of Oil Spill Containment in Florida

The estimates were correct, BP's (NYSE:BP) oil had hit the white sand beaches of Florida as the sun was rising many were at the shorelines to see. There are many people in place keeping a close eye on the oil spill containment efforts as well as experts giving their environmental site assessment of the situation.

Health officials are saying to stay out of oily water and away from the oil on the shorelines. They did say that getting a little water polluted with the oil on the skin or even swallowing a little, does not need to result in a trip to the emergency room. Although oil is considered toxic, short exposures should result in very minimal symptoms. Being exposed long term and in large quantities could cause problems like trouble breathing, concentrating and coordination, as well as a higher risk of cancer.

This is expected to put a big halt to what would be Florida's prime tourist season, the white sand beaches are one of Florida's most popular tourist areas. This is also affecting businesses like restaurants as well. No people means no business. Restaurants have already cut back to their Winter staff and are not hiring.

It's also said, you no longer smell the salty ocean air. It's now replaced with only a stagnant oil smell.

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