Friday, May 21, 2010

Has BP (NYSE:BP) Covered Up Extent of Oil Spill?

The idea that BP (NYSE:BP) is attempting to cover up the extent and degree of the oil spill has been thrown out there by the media, but in truth, it's ridiculous when you think about it.

There they are in the public and media eye attempting to do everything they can to stop the flow of oil, and to think they're concerned about the exact amount of oil leaking rather than trying to stop it, would be irresponsible on their part.

It makes no difference whatsoever how much oil is spreading throughout the ocean, from the point of view of trying to plug it oil well, as it's going to keep coming until it's plugged, no matter what the figures are.

BP has rightly said there's no way to know exactly how much is coming, and have stated that's not their priority, and rightly so.

The only priority and focus BP should have is on working as efficiently and effectively as they can to stop the oil leak, and from there work on the rest.

There's a growing suspicion on what the agenda is for those pushing this cover-up idea out there. What is there to cover-up? BP has already said they're going to pay for legitimate claims, and are obviously paying for the attempt to stop the leak, and will pay for cleanup efforts.

Conspiracy theorists evidently don't think this is good enough, and are trying to make something out of nothing, in order to attack the overall oil drilling industry at a weak moment. There can be no doubt this is part of the agenda.

The big, bad oil company hiding the exact amount of oil leaking in the ocean while the entire world watches. That really makes sense.


  1. Hi,

    Your post really sounds like complete idiocy.

    That oil spill is probably one hundred times worse than the absurd lies propagated by BP and the media.

    And that's why unfortunately BP has been unable to stop it.

    There is no conspiracy in trying to understand what's going on.

  2. Why is the US Navy not stationed on the out of control oil well site and taking command of this National emergency? Is our Federal government so dysfunctional and inept that we can not send down a Navy submersible and take our own pictures of the actual damage and flow of this catastrophe? It has been a month since the explosion and on May 18th BP released the first video of the out of control blown-out preventer and wellhead. BP has been involved in cover-up from the first day and they are secret, unabashed liars and dishonest while stalling for time. The controlled mass media propagandizes Big Oil and World Bankers messages to the public. Tell me, is that gravely stupid or not? “Stupid” will be our epitaph.
    World Bankers and Big Oil is stronger than the United States of America and have rendered American citizens into helpless victims watching our own ecological and economic genocide attended by a complicit President and Congress. This is Treason to our Democracy! The New World Oder Totalitarian agenda of chaos by World Bankers and Big Oil is on schedule and world governance, by economic default, will be fully enacted by the end of the year.