Friday, May 21, 2010

BP (LON:BP) Says Flow Estimates Inaccurate

BP (LON:BP) (NYSE:BP) said oil flow estimates from theorists claiming it could be ten time higher than the daily rate of 5,000 barrels released into the ocean is inaccurate.

What these theorists are doing is assuming the flow is far higher based on the diameter of the pipe, which was 19.5 inches. BP said the reason they're so far off is because the width of the pipe narrowed as a result of the accident by 30 percent.

There is also a broken drill pipe inside the riser, which has reduced the flow by another 10 percent.

The other reason the assumption is so faulty, is approximately half the flow releasing from the pipe is natural gas, and not oil, according to BP.

To get a real and more accurate estimate of the flow, the government has set up a Flow Rate Technical Team, which is expected to come up with more precise answers sometime later on Saturday.


  1. yes

    it is inaccurate

    because it is more 100 times higher or maybe even 1000 times higher.

  2. and of course you know how to calculate flow don't you

  3. Well, they could have cleared this up by being forthright from the beginning rather than referring continuously to the obviously-flawed NOAA estimate.