Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul on BP (NYSE:BP) Criticism from Obama

Rand Paul took a swipe at Obama for his outrageous verbal attack when he said he would put "his boot heel on the throat of BP." Paul called it "really un-American." Paul is right of course.

"What I don't like from the president's administration is this sort of, 'I'll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,'" Paul said in an interview with "Good Morning America." "I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business."

Paul's proper defense of BP comes is based on the fact that accidents happen, and when you think of those you propose endless regulations, thinking a rule or law can stop accidents from happening, are only fooling themselves.

There's always going to be accidents; that's part of being human and doing business.

BP, almost from the beginning, has said they're more than willing to pay for the damages, and they're working hard to take care of the incident, which has cost them millions in lost revenue, as well as millions more in cleanup costs.

So for Obama to say he will put his foot on the neck of the company is a lie, as it implies BP has been fighting taking responsibility for their part in the matter.

Paul said, "I think it's part of this sort of blame-game society in the sense that it's always got to be somebody's fault instead of the fact that maybe sometimes accidents happen."

Every time an accident happens, as Paul notes, especially in mining and drilling industries, it is attacked with a ferocity that is unwarranted, and points to an agenda by radical environmentalist and earth worshippers who are offended by the fact people need to use the commodities the produce to better their lives.

To demonize businesses who are providing much-needed products and services in dangerous situation and environments should be applauded, and how they respond practically to the circumstances should be how their judged, not because there's an accident.

It's good to see someone emerge like Rand Paul who has the courage to point out the obvious, and help rein in the ridiculous faux outrage of the mainstream media and Obama in their opposition to business.

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