Saturday, May 22, 2010

EPA May Allow BP's (NYSE:BP) Corexit Use

On Thursday, the EPA had given BP (NYSE:BP) 24 hours to pick a less toxic dispersant, and 72 hours to start using it. Now today, they told ABC News that they may allow BP to continue the use of Corexit, the dispersant that they deemed far to toxic.

Apparently, the EPA has done some testing and said that Corexit has killed up to 25 percent of organisms living 500 feet down where the dispersant was used.

As we are coming upon the 72 hour deadline, the EPA says there will be consequences for failing to meet it. The EPA will then demand to see the records of BP's research, including proof that it
sufficiently investigated other dispersant options, as well as the explanation of why each one was not chosen. That was the extent EPA would comment on the full consequences of failing to meet the deadline.

Adora Andy, EPA spokeswoman told ABC News, "it's not that Corexit is banned, it's not that they have to stop using it because they're using it right now. But it's just that they need to switch over."

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