Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rand Paul Right on BP (NYSE:BP)

While all the liberals, progressives and socialists are out in force trying to use the tragic accident on the oil rig Deepwater Horizon as an excuse to bash BP (NYSE:BP), business and the oil industry, Rand Paul is one of the few voices of sanity calling out from the political wilderness that the response of their demi-god Obama in saying he's going to keep his foot on the throat of BP is inappropriate and "un-American," and he's right of course.

The attempt to bring and demand perfection in any human endeavor, no matter what type it is is ridiculous and unattainable, as any sane, healthy and honest person will admit. All that happens when government steps in in the way Obama has is to make things more expensive and harder to do, and usually the endless number of regulations will have unintended consequences which do more harm overall than good.

Big government-loving liberals, progressives and socialists are now using this as an attempt to derail Rand Paul's run to be the senator from Kentucky because they know he will be one of their worst political nightmares, like his dad Ron Paul is, because he'll vote against the majority of the policies which only grow government larger, destroy the moral fabric of the nation, and turn more and more toward socialism and crony capitalism than ever before in our history.

All they're trying to do is paint Paul as a kook, because these kooks don't want to be found out for what they are, and as the tactics they use dictate to them, they never want to waste a tragedy or incident to further and promote their agenda.

They also know Rand Paul is highly popular in Kentucky, and leads their Democratic opponent as much as he led and beat his Republican opponent in the primary.

This is just noise and sound bites they're throwing out in a way they hope the public will start to believe based on nothing else than repetition.

Rand Paul is right about BP. The response is way over the top by the Obama administration and his media lapdogs, and BP is doing everything they can to stop the oil leak and start to clean it up.

What these people are doing is taking the opportunity to make so much noise that the idea of continuing to drill offshore oil will be disallowed. That's not going to happen, but that's part of their agenda.

The other part of their agenda is the additional regulations which will inevitably come could cause the price of oil, and by extension, gasoline, to raise, that would give their environmental projects more of a chance to move forward, especially their alternative energy garbage, which isn't cost competitive, even at the high price of gas and oil today.

You know Rand Paul is hitting on the truth when you hear these socialists screaming and yelling over comments he makes which the majority of normal Americans like us, agree with him on.


  1. I watched the Rand Paul interview where he made these comments and he wasn't letting BP off the hook. They're still paying for the cleanup, and would still need to figure out what went wrong and to fix it.

    What Dr. Paul was objecting to was the way Obama described how he would control things from now on: by putting his jack heel boot on the throats of American business. It sounded like something straight out of Hugo Chavez's playbook.

  2. And once again, the name-calling, ignorant crackers have spoken! Liberals, progressives, blah, blah, blah.... big government, socialists, blah, blah, blah... crony capitalism (the pubs specialty). Not even worth saying anything of substance in response to these empty-headed fools.

  3. "ignorant crackers" LOL

    can you say pot-kettle-black?

  4. Actually, the Obama administration hasn't done anywhere near enough to crack down on British Petroleum and to phase out the incredibly reckless and negligent practice of offshore drilling. Rand Paul was just showing us all what a bought politician he is.

  5. An analogy:

    Dr. Rand Paul is to BP ...

    ... as Jo-Vanni Roman is to Dr. George Rekers.

  6. Reply to libhom :

    "bought politician he is"

    Rand Paul's entire campaign contributions came from regular people all over the world donating $20/$25/ on.... I am from India and I donated $25 on one of his "money bomb" days.

    There is a limit to spreading blatant lies.

  7. Thank you Ray. Good post.

    from Anonymous "What Dr. Paul was objecting to was the way Obama described how he would control things from now on: by putting his jack heel boot on the throats of American business. It sounded like something straight out of Hugo Chavez's playbook. "

    That's right , Dr Paul was standing up to the President who uses his bully pulpit to antagonize business owners.

  8. Actually, as of the last Opensecrets report over 99% of Rand Paul's contributions came from small donors. He is ANYTHING BUT a bought politician. What you hear from him is sincerity, and it is scaring the left to death, apparently.

  9. BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Donations come from a mix of employees and the company’s political action committees — $2.89 million flowed to campaigns from BP-related PACs and about $638,000 came from individuals.


  10. I thought this was a satire site for a second, how's that tin foil hat work with your head buried in the sand, lol.

  11. So when a British company dumps 4-12 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico what exactly is the president supposed to do? If Rand were president would he get down on all 4's and let BP have their way with him? I don't understand what Rand would do, I know what he wouldn't do, and like Obama he wouldn't stop the leak. (oh noes the liberal is attacking Obamer!) His question was on the civil rights act, and he turned it into the private sectors right to destroy the environment, lie about it, then scramble to cover it all up. My thoughts? Anyone who thinks Obama has been doing anything less than suck up to BP isn't paying attention, and to claim that somehow Obama is trying to strong arm the billion dollar company is absolutely laughable. BP made over 6 billion dollars in the last 3 months, and they're not even using 1% of that to clean up the worst environmental disaster we've ever faced, something my generation will have to explain to our kids, why it's impossible to travel to the gulf of mexico. Rand would tell these kids "shit happens dude, get the fuck over it, there's like tons of water and ocean life out there, why are you getting so bent out of shape because "oil" killed the gulf?" while Obama would at least claim he did everything in his power to fix it. Maybe it's because my technical understanding of how an oil rig could ever explode isn't just "shit happens" and the fact that I love seafood, and hate to see it wasted on oil profits, but if I had to pick between the ideologies you cite in your entry, Obama would be the overwhelming winner. If you think your personal ideology is more important than life (which ironically is what oil destroys) that's what America is about, but I don't think that kind of irresponsible childish response is how you should solve problems. It's why they call it "Bush's Katrina", he actually didn't think that a hurricane could hurt people (or better, he thought they'd magically work together without any resources).

  12. That is it, be a cheerleader and cheer for your "side" like theres nothing but a game to win. It is why things are so fucked up. No one can think forthemselves, and instead follow others ideologies.

    Right or Left, both are wrong, thieves and want more power. And suckers like you fall for it.....


    Follow your leader Sheeple.....

  13. never prob even been to a REAL socialist country.....I love morons like you that scream that fear mongering.....the elites who really run this country, would never allow such bs so grow up and stop preaching online exactly what your "party" believes.....try researching and educating yourself on your own beliefs instead of just beliving what your friends want you too......

    in simpler terms, think for yourself......

  14. You know, the most troubling thing Rand Paul said about the BP spill is that "accidents happen." This know-nothing response shows that he doesn't understand BP's negligence in not maintaining the blowout preventer, and possible negligence by Halliburton in not cementing the borehole properly. "Accidents happen" is as stupid as the '90s t-shirt saying, "Shit Happens."

  15. Rand Paul must be collecting quite a nice fat campaign donation from BP. The libertarian party, like the Repugnican party, is another subsidiary for big business. They have no dignity, no integrity. The only have their hands out, looking for another handout from their capitalist corporate masters. They are the real welfare whores of the world constantly and embarrassingly throwing themselves at every well-heeled CEO. Rand Paul is just another company shill.

    Pure capitalism is an utter failure just as pure communism is. The challenge is to find the correct mixture of the two. Radical idea? Hardly. That is what Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower and countless other moderate Republicans believed when this country actually had a manufacturing base and a strong labor movement.

  16. Paul's ideas of centering only on the individual and fighting the power of citizen collectives (government, unions, environmental rights groups, etc) is all a part of "divide and conquer". As individuals, we are powerless against corporate power. We The People only have power when we unite and that frightens people like Paul. He is working to restore America to the oligarchic, dynastic vision that JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and the other robber barons envisioned. Freaks like Paul resent the power of the middle class. They dream of the Return Of The King, of a grand return to monarchy where there are the kings of industry and the rest of the people are so-called "free" serfs.

  17. Fight, blah, fight, blah...Let's forget about right and left, progressive and libertarian, etc., etc. for a few minutes, for God's sake.
    A critical concern is, in my opinion, the obvious failure of anyone to have thought it important to have some sort of a plan in place for this type event.
    "This type event was too remote of a possibility" is bullshit. "There was a blowout preventer in place that failed" is bullshit.
    The fact is, an offshore oil well was drilled in a semi-contained, fragile enviroment without a clue about what would be done in case of a disaster like this.
    I mean, come on...The best that can be done after one month plus is "We're going to pour mud in there" even though, admittedly, "We don't have a clue how that will work at these depths" (just like every other fix that has been tried).
    The men and women in BP and the U.S. government both look like uninformed fools. The impact of this debacle will last for generations.

  18. John, if we don't examine how we got here and who's policies got us here then we are only looking at symptoms, not lasting solutions. This is a part of a systemic problem of having corporations writing their own regulations and people like Paul who don't even believe in the regulations in the first place. Also, government is not prepared because for 30 years we have had a mentality in the political culture that corporations do everything better than government (which is a ridiculous concept in itself) so they starve the government and privatize everything. It sounds nice to say let's put politics aside but in reality, it is absolutely foolish. Yes, I'm concerned about how to stop this leak, but I'm even more concerned about our preventing more such leaks in the future.

  19. First and FOREMOST is that BP or any business wants to make a profit. They also know much more about stopping oil leaks than Obama and any of his advisers. You know they would stop it as soon as they possibly could, and you also know other oil leaks have burned, etc., for months in other countries. Obama's comment was horrible, even tho one poster was right, he is secretly probably in bed with them, in actuality. I am sure him or others in government were gonna have a share of these profits that are now not going to happen for a long while.
    Why, tho, would they crawl when it came to allowing the LA Governor to shore up his Barrier Islands in order to protect the marshes? Why does it seem that the government is always in the WAY? Everyone who knows anything about stopping the spread of the oil should be allowed to try to help. Believe me. I know BP is doing their utmost best to stop this leak. It only makes sense they need it stopped asap.