Friday, May 21, 2010

First Beach Closed, Thanks To BP (NYSE:BP)

The first beach has been closed in Louisiana thanks to the BP (NYSE:BP) oil spill. Officials in Grand Isle, LA. said this is due to thick gobs of oil being washed up onshore. Until now, only light sheen and tar balls had been washing up.

Now there is also orange colored splotches and heavier brown sheets, the consistency of latex paint says Chris Roberts, a local official who surveyed the area this morning. "You can scrape it off the beach but it's coming right back," said Roberts. As well as an awful stench, it's also coating the grasses and reeds of the Louisiana wetlands.

Doug Suttles, BP executive in charge of fighting the oil spill told CBS Early Show, the gusher could continue on until early August, this would be the worst case scenario. That's when a new well being drilled to permanently cap the flow could be finished.

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