Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Horizontal Drilling Bill Approved by Ohio Senate

New rules for horizontal drilling in Ohio has been approved by the Senate on a bipartisan basis.

This is in response to those who are attempting to slow down drilling in shale in the eastern part of the United States, which would devastate the extraordinary potential for enormous energy deposits, as well as the creation of numerous, good-paying jobs.

Some of the requirements of the bill include companies having to disclose the types of chemicals which would contact the water supplies used by human beings while they were drilling.

Any well that is to be drilled must also have all water wells within 1,500 feet of them tested.

Whether searching for natural gas, natural gas liquids or oil, the companies also must reveal the location they'll draw water from for the purpose of fracking or blasting the shale to require the energy sources. Also required is the volume and rate at which the firms will extract the water.

Ohio Governor John Kasich lauded the bill saying that "Ohio approaches energy production and consumption in a safe and responsible way, while also giving families and job creators access to more affordable energy."

As for concerns over wastewater, Senator Shannon Jones, who sponsored this legislation, said that will be addressed in separate legislation in the future.

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