Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fracking Banned in Irrelevant Vermont

In a bizarre and ignorant move by Democrat Gov. Peter Shumlin of Vermont, he signed a strange law which bans hydraulic fracturing in the state, even though there is pretty much no known gas or oil underneath the Vermont ground.

The law is strange for that very reason, as the nutty governor added this: "I hope other states will follow us. The science on fracking is uncertain at best. Let the other states be the guinea pigs. Let the Green Mountain State preserve its clean water, its lakes, its rivers and its quality of life."

This is such a cowardly act it is odd that it was even employed as an attempted tactic to sway other states to take similar actions.

How hard is it to ban something that has absolutely no political cost or fallout because it doesn't exist in the state?

If it would have brought in tax revenue and created jobs for those in Vermont, you wouldn't have seen the governor blabbing his mouth and uttering contradictions in the confusing way he did.

Out of one side of his mouth he said other states with huge energy resources should follow Vermont's lead, while the other side of his mouth he says other states should be the "guinea pigs" for testing fracking.

America's Natural Gas Alliance responded saying the Vermont law was "poor policy that ignores fact, science and technology," adding natural gas is being produced "safely and responsibly."

As for the so-called preservation of quality of life, let's stop selling oil and gas extracted using fracking to Vermont and see what the quality of life people have in the state comes to.

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