Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wetlands Foundation wants BP (NYSE:BP) Fines Money

An organization called America’s Wetlands Foundation has called for the their organization to receive 80 percent of the money BP (NYSE:BP) will pay in fines from the Gulf oil spill.

In a report named “Secure Gulf Project,” the activist group also said they want the federal revenue sharing scheduled to being in 2017 to be moved up to 2011, which would be used to finance projects to conserve restore the coasts.

They also called for a big government oversight authority to oversee the process.

with the amount of fines BP are expected to pay estimated to be a minimum of $5 billion, I'm sure this activist group would love to get there hands on that, along with an unknown amount of taxpayer dollars.

The truth is the Gulf states have made decisions for decades on pursuing energy projects off their coast, now they want to abuse this situation to restore their coasts by using BP and taxpayer money.

Restoration of the coasts as needed in accordance with BP's part it in has nothing to do with restoring the coasts from decades of wear and decisions by residents and politicians in the area.

Over the last five years, Louisiana alone has lost up to 250,000 acres of coastland.

Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., said the oil leak by BP has called attention to the need of coastal restoration, but that has been known for a long time, and as mentioned, has largely happened based upon decisions to pursue the energy markets through offshore drilling.

They should use their own taxes from the drilling to fund restoration, not the taxpayers from everywhere else.

And as far as the America’s Wetlands Foundation, who are they to demand money from anybody, and there should be a thorough vetting process for any non-profit organization seeking funds in connection to the oil spill, as there are so many agendas out there with groups like this, they could use the money to promote parts of those agendas most of us wouldn't approve of.


  1. Ray, I'm not sure I agree with your assessment... but whatever.

  2. bull$#*! - this dripping oil is dripping BS.

  3. Your grammar is terrible.
    I couldn't even finish reading this.
    Please take an English class or get someone to proofread before you post.