Thursday, September 23, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) HOlds Safety Review at Texas City Plant

After two workers were burned from the release of steam at the troubled Texas City plant of BP (NYSE:BP), safety reviews have been and are being conducted in response to the accident.

This is the same plant which had an explosion in 2005 which killed 15 people and left over 170 injured. It's also the plant which is being investigated for benzene release at this time and is being sued in a class action.

The majority of workers at the plant spent most the of Wednesday work day in safety meetings, according to BP spokesman Michael Marr. In spite of the accident, no units at the facility were shut down, added Marr.

One of the injured reportedly had 30 percent of his body covered in burns, and was transported to a regional hospital in Galveston.

Reviews are part of BP's response to increase safety at the plant after the 2005 explosion, deaths and injuries.

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