Friday, September 10, 2010

TNK-BP to Look at BP (NYSE:BP) Assets in Venezuela, Vietnam

BP (NYSE:BP) has been shopping around their Venezuela and Vietnam assets as part of the $30 billion they are trying to raise to pay for the Gulf oil spill.

TNK-BP, which is a joint venture between BP and Russian billionaires, is interested in expanding into the two markets, and in the September 30 board meeting are going to discuss the idea.

Board members of TNK-BP include four BP directors, four Russians, and three independent directors.

In an interview in Moscow, billionaire shareholder, Viktor Vekselberg, said the possibility of acquiring the BP assets will be on the agenda of the next meeting.

The strongest of the two options from TNK-BP's point of view are the Venezuelan assets.

Those assets produce about 110,000 barrels of oil a day.

While Tony Hayward won't be at this next meeting of TNK-BP, he is taking a seat on the board of the company in October, after he steps down as CEO of BP.

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