Friday, September 10, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Sued by Radical Environmental Group

Radical environmental group Food & Water Watch, filed a lawsuit against BP (NYSE:BP) over its Gulf of Mexico "Atlantis platform."

Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch’s executive director in Washington, said, “We have evidence that Atlantis is unsafe and is in danger of creating an even worse spill than the one caused by the Deepwater Horizon explosion." Hauter didn't say what that evidence was.

The so-called activist group wants to force the shutdown of the Atlantis oil and gas production platform in the Gulf of Mexico until it shows it meets the required U.S. safety standards, according to the lawsuit.

Food & Water Watch cowered after an initial lawsuit was withdrawn because a judge ruled BP could intervene in the case. At that time BP requested its opponents be required to post a $15 billion bond to cover damages in case production on the Atlantis was stopped.

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