Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Missing BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Really a Mystery?

The assertions by some "independent" scientists that there is all sorts of BP (NYSE:BP) oil in the Gulf of Mexico has continued to be unproven, and the longer it is searched for the more it looks like it may have been asserted from fear and disbelief over the ability of the Gulf of Mexico to heal itself, than from any type of science.

Bordering on science fiction is the alleged 22-mile-long underwater oil plume "found" by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, but reported two months after the supposed finding, and that only after a report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which stated about 75 percent of the oil at that time had either been cleaned by the Gulf itself, mostly through evaporation and oil-eating microbes, or to a small degree, the skimming boats.

That didn't fit the narrative wanted by activist scientists and those looking to get a piece of the research pie, and so they continue to make other assertions that have yet to be confirmed. That's why I mentioned fear above, as they fear not getting the millions that inevitably comes from companies in these types of accidents.

The latest assertion is there has been a bunch of oil found on the floor of the ocean, supposedly from the BP oil spill.

But my question is why should NOAA go out and search for every story about hidden oil lingering somewhere in the Gulf using taxpayer dollars.

NOAA is now going off to find oil based on findings of University of Georgia biologist Samantha Joye, who asserts she has found oil on the ocean floor that appears to be from the BP oil well. Supposedly it's about 16 nautical miles from the well.

Joye asserts the oil looks like it settled in a way that would appear to make it look like it came from the well rather than the millions of gallons of oil which naturally leak into the Gulf every year.

It's not that there couldn't be oil, but what's happening here is efforts by institutions and individual scientists to make a name for themselves by finding something that contradicts government studies. That could set them up for life.

That's not to say there may not be some oil out in the Gulf somewhere, but so far original findings of NOAA that the Gulf is rapidly cleaning itself up has been confirmed by followup studies.

Scientists with agendas just don't want to hear that, and their refusal to believe it even in light of prove shows they have an agenda beyond finding the truth about the oil.

The agenda is about garnering funds by making a name for themselves. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has already lost a lot of credibility from their claims, and those who continue to try to contradict the oil findings better be doing it based on real data found, rather than fictitious gigantic plumes or other science fiction stories.

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