Monday, September 27, 2010

Chevron (NYSE:CVX) Shows How to Fight Eco-terrorists Like Greenpeace

Companies should take a page from the book of Chevron (NYSE:CVX) who battle the controversial so-called environmental group Greenpeace and won, sending them packing from their outrageous and illegal actions of taking over a drilling ship by attaching a "survival pod" to an anchor.

The warring activist faction was ordered by a judge to leave the drilling ship or face fines and/or incarceration. The little cowards are running, whining as they run with their tales between their legs.

Chevron recently said, "This kind of action is foolhardy and demonstrates that Greenpeace is willing to put its volunteers at risk to carry out such reckless publicity stunts and we are concerned for the safety of those involved."

This is of course a marketing tool for people like this who don't have honest jobs, and use the circumstance to call attention to themselves in order to raise funding for their endless and dangerous stunts.

Responding to the court order, Greenpeace representatives noted they couldn't stay doing what they were doing because it would allow Chevron to receive a lot of the money donated to them from supporters.

That's what you do with these types of people and eco-terrorist organizations: threaten to bleed them dry. They do more harm to people because of the added cost of doing business from their ludicrous actions and lawsuits.

If businesses would be more aggressive in these matters, they would find these losers backing way off just calling names form the sidelines.


  1. You are partially right, people like me see what Greenpeace are doing and rush to donate...admitedly i`d rather be physically with them but supporting their work is the best i can do.

    You are wrong about them running though...they are in fact SWIMMING in front of the ship at the moment ;-)

    Also, i think any reference to terrorism has to be somewhat misplace, due to the lack of terror. Rather than using other peoples vulnerability to achieve their aims, Greenpeace manufacture vulnerability--their own. They place themselves in vulnerable positions so that, without endangering others they can place themselves in a powerful position. Calling names from the sidelines is not realy an effective way of changing the behaviour of a well resourced multi-national like Chevron. Focusing international media attention on deepwater drilling via non-violent direct action, is probably the best hope we have of avoiding future accidents like the deepwater horizon.

  2. Agreed. I like the stock dividends, but the company needs to care more about the earth and the people it serves.