Monday, September 13, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Permanent "Bottom Kill" Procedure Resumes

Quickly reversing directions on holding off on the bottom kill procedure in order to inject more mud and cement into the top of the oil well, government point man Thad Allen said they'll bypass that procedure, as it could have extended operations into October.

Concerns over the pressure spikes was behind the original decision, but they will instead install a locking sleeve on top of the well, which will provide similar protection.

Consequently BP (NYSE:BP) has resumed the drilling of the relief well which will intersect the main well in order to permanently seal Macondo.

As of Friday the relief well was 50 feet from the place of intersection of the Macondo well, and Allen said it would probably take several days to reach the destination, and another several days to fill it with cement and mud.

So by next weekend, or a little after, the job should be completed.

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