Thursday, September 16, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Bottom Kill Should be Completed in Four Days

Approaching the targeted intersection point on the Macondo well, which should be reached today, BP (NYSE:BP) is only several days from implementing the final procedure called a "bottom kill," which will permanently seal the oil well.

According to National Incident Commander Thad Allen, the government point man, including when the intersection is made and tests are conducted, it should be about 4 days until the job is completed.

After the testing is finished, an injection of cement and mud will be sent to the bottom of the well to block the oil and gas lying beneath it.

While this is largely a foregone conclusion, it will be good for BP and the government to finally close this chapter of the drama in order to focus on the repercussions of the oil spill, which they of course have already began to do.

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