Monday, August 9, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Cement Hardens, on to "Bottom Kill"

BP (NYSE:BP) said that the sealing cement has hardened. Work crews are now preparing for the final stage of drilling a relief well, called "bottom kill." After oil was spewing into the ocean for 84 days.

The pressure tests that were done on the cement plug that was forced down the throat of the well, have shown the seal is securely in place. Which means, BP can start drilling on the last 100 feet to permanently seal the damaged well. The crews must drill very carefully and very slowly, only progressing at a rate of about 30 feet at a time.

The company is expecting to not be completed until next weekend. They will use the same process of drilling cement and mud, this time into the bottom of the well. At that time, they are confident the two relief wells will meet, thus completing the process and "killing" the well.

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