Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Salazar Says No To Lifting Oil Drilling Moratorium: BP (NYSE:BP)

Ken Salazar announced the new moratorium, caused by BP (NYSE:BP) massive oil spill. He said, "So long as the spill is out there and has not been contained and the oil spill response capabilities are all being consumed by the current spill, it's too risky" to lift the moratorium. The revised version identifies at risk wells based on technologies and oil drilling configurations rather than the depth of water. The prior moratoriums focus was banning oil drilling below 500 feet.

Bobby Jindal, Louisiana's Governor said, "This second suspension of deepwater drilling is a clear sign that the administration is unwilling to follow the advice of their own scientist. The ultimate effect of this second moratorium is the same as the first. To shut down drilling operations in the Gulf and risk killing an estimated 20,000 jobs in Louisiana."

The new ban suspends drilling of 21 oil rigs in the Gulf, that's only 12 less than what the original moratorium would have affected. Several oil companies have said they'll go to other countries due to the ban on drilling. One of which is the largest U.S. deepwater oil driller, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.

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