Monday, July 19, 2010

Island Sized Oil Slick Trapped Thanks to BP (NYSE:BP)

While so many have been watching for BP's (NYSE:BP) testing results on the sealing cap, a lot of people seem to forget about the massive oil slick that is trapped and traveling around the ocean. It is compared to the size of an island.

Roger Laferriere Coast Guard Captain, oversees the command center in Southern Louisiana. He is in charge of putting together exactly how the oil is to be cleaned up. He said there are routinely over 40,000 people are working along the Gulf Coast to track the oil. They skim oil when they can, clean the shorelines, and lay protective boom to minimize damage by the oil slick.

There are several analysts who feed satellite data into computerized maps that show where the oil is moving. There are also several fisherman and shrimpers who are involved with the cleanup. They work out of small docks and are out after sun up repositioning boom that has moved out of place, changing out the oil soaked boom, and repairing torn boom.

Stopping the leak has little to do with his mission over the next several months, "Even given that, we still have a lot of oil on the water. We're going to continue to push forward until all the oil is removed and the people of Louisiana can get back to their way of life. We're going to be here until the end," said Laferriere. He also meets with mayors, city councilmen, and parish presidents.

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