Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) LIAR, LIAR: Florida Beaches Closed

BP (NYSE:BP) oil seems to want to keep on pretending, by saying things like there are no oil plumes, or that they'll pay off everything and everyone involved with their failure to contain the oil, or how about the fact they are eventually going to file bankruptcy. All the while, the effect of this oil has reached Florida and they are closing their beaches.

Florida has closed over 6 miles of their white sand beaches. What used to be a beautiful beach front filled with bustling tourist staying at Florida's beach resorts this time of year, are now desolate and the white sands are stained with the evidence of the ongoing environmental disaster. Not to mention the massive layoffs that are sweeping the area.

When just days ago BP officials were publicly declaring that Florida would escape the impact of oil upon their shorelines. On Wednesday they were still insisting there are no oil plumes yet the testing done by government showed there are large plumes of crude oil as far as 3,000 feet down. BP seems to be taking a stance of "lets pretend, make believe, or liar liar." Or perhaps they're simply trying to fool the public.

Ken Salazar, The Interior Secretary told U.S. Congress he now expects BP on top of everything else, to pay for canceled salaries of anyone unexpectedly without work because of the six month memorandum on deep ocean drilling.

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  1. This is an absurdly sloppy and pernicious article.

    There seems to be no consensus on whether there are plumes of oil. There's certainly no visual evidence, and certainly the US Government hasn't claimed that undersea oil has been found in large concentrations. What has been found is that there are large areas in the water column containing low concentrations of oil. What has not been found is some large undersea oil slick.

    It's a fact BP will file for bankruptcy?? You know something the rest of the world doesn't?

    From the information we have so far, the costs of this will look more like a $100,000 mortgage does to the average American. Would you go into bankruptcy over that? Especially if it looks like you stand a fair chance of getting some of the cash off Halliburton / Transocean.

    Where the oil ends up coming ashore is a function of weather, tides and currents. When was the last time you knew a long range weather forecast turn out to be inaccurate?

    What's the benefit to anybody of you writing this drivel?
    It doesn't add to anyone's factual knowledge. Talking down BP in such an obviously partisan way isn't helping the American people.
    It's making millions of American investors in BP poorer. Your angle here seems to be that BP deserves to go bankrupt over this. Who's going to pay out all the damages owed then? Are you as a taxpayer volunteering?

    I'm not so clear on why a company should pay cancelled salaries to its competitors as a result of a change of government policy. Can anyone think of any other example where this has happened?

    PS "six month memorandum"?? That's when everyone has to stop work drilling while Salazar spends six months reading out a very long note?