Friday, November 12, 2010

Jindal Blasts Obama over BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Spill in Book

In a book released by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal named "Leadership and Crisis," he blasted Barack Obama for being more concerned about his image than he was about fixing the problems associated with the BP (NYSE:BP) oil spill.

Jindal called the response of the Federal Government "lackadaisical" in the book, repeating what he said many times in press conferences during the oil crisis.

"The White House seemed to focus on the wrong things. I felt like we needed to be on a wartime footing against the oil, and the president was wondering, why is everybody criticizing me," Jindal said.

"You would think following the withering criticism of President Bush during Hurricane Katrina that the federal response this time would have been swift and sure .... You would have thought that a White House so concerned about its image would have been all over this," he added.

Other topics covered by the conservative Jindal in the book includes health care reform and deficit spending, which Jindal also takes aim at Obama and the administration over.

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