Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Will Stand in Line before Restarting Gulf Drilling

BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Bob Dudley recently reiterated his commitment to continue drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, but noted it wouldn't be wise to be the first company to resume operations since the oil moratorium was lifted, and so will stand in line while others begin drilling in Gulf waters before they start drilling again.

To prepare for a successful and safe reboot in the Gulf, the company said they'll go through all their equipment and procedures before getting back into the game.

Dudley stated, “It would not be sensible for us to raise our hand and rush with the first permit application.”

After completing their preparations, the oil giant will at that time get a better picture on the length of time it'll take to start drilling again, and from there make a decision on what to do with their idle Gulf rigs.

“We’re waiting to see the pace at which things progress in the Gulf before making a decision,” Dudley added.

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