Monday, November 1, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Pays $767 Million to Florida So Far

So far in the state of Florida alone, BP (NYSE:BP) has paid out $767 million to individuals, businesses and governments, according to the energy giant.

BP said in a statement, "Of the $767 million BP has paid so far in the state of Florida, $577 million has gone directly to business and individuals through the claims process.

"The next largest amount, nearly $72 million, has gone to those working in the Vessels of Opportunity Program, [a program that] put fisherman and captains to work over the summer helping with oil recovery."

Other major payments made to Florida included that granted to tourism, where "$32 million has gone to help Florida's tourism industry. Several Panhandle communities used the tourism grants to put on weekend festivals. Most recently, Pensacola Beach hosted the De Luna Festival, which was extended a third day because of BP funding," added BP.

Claims continue to be made in Florida, and other Gulf states over the oil spill disaster.

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  1. At least BP seem to be doing something and perhaps the publicity will help encourage Florida tourism.

    Still, it would be good if more money was spent on research to prevent these kinds of spills and on the development of alternative energy sources.