Friday, October 1, 2010

Oil Tankers from NATO Destroyed by Suspected Insurgents

In what appears to be an attack by militants in response to NATO helicopters entering Pakistani air space in response to attacks located in the country, close to three dozen oil tankers were torched in the southern part of the country.

Pakistan and NATO have always had a tense relationship which seems to continually simmer beneath surface, ready to explode on any moment based on circumstance related to the war in Afghanistan.

Normally attacks from insurgents are conducted in the northwest part of Pakistan, suggesting this could be a possible expansion of their territory, although not all attacks on NATO supply transports are performed by militants.

According to one senior Pakistani intelligence official, if NATO were to continue incursions into the country it could lead to a complete breaking off of relations. That is probably more hype than anything, as Pakistan is completely reliant on aid from the United States and NATO, putting them in the difficult situation they're in by trying to appease their people while catering to NATO at the same time.

Approximately 12 people with their faces hidden scared off the drivers of the 35 destroyed vehicles, and then proceeded to set them fire, totally destroying many them.

No people were killed in the attack.

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