Monday, October 18, 2010

Liberal Report Attacks BP's (NYSE:BP) Partnership with Berkley

A report from the liberal organization Center for American Progress, blasted the alliance between BP (NYSE:BP), University of California at Berkley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of Illinois, which BP donated $500 million to in 2007 to explore the development of transforming plant matter into energy, as well as other technologies requiring less carbon.

There has been jealousy from other departments from Berkley in the past, as the Berkley department receiving the funds was publicly attacked for its partnership with BP. Which was nothing more than whining from a department for not getting funds from the deal.

It wasn't the money that was attacked in this particular report, but the way the oversight board was put together.

Evidently the Center for American Progress is "troubled" by the 4-4 split on the board, with BP getting four of the seats and the research institutions the other four.

The report said, “Traditionally, U.S. universities have sought to prevent outside sponsors from exerting disproportionate control over the university’s internal governance and academic affairs.”

Only a liberal organization would think an equal number of members would constitute too much influence and power.

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  1. "Liberal Report"?
    Are you kidding me?

    Progressives are the ONLY people who care about the oil worker. The GOP has and will continue to kill workers just for profits.

    I won't be reading this biased baloney any further.