Monday, October 25, 2010

Gulf Fisherman Deserve BP (NYSE:BP) Money, Insurance Money?

An unfortunate scenario is playing out from the BP (NYSE:BP) oil spill, as dubious claims by Fisherman and fish processors contradict one another.

First, honest fisherman and research confirm fishing is as good as it has ever been because of the low fishing pressure because of part of the Gulf being closed to commercial fishing. That has resulted in more and bigger fish.

Tests from investigators have found virtually no taint in seafood from the Gulf.

But fisherman seeking to get insurance benefits are hurting seafood distributors by making claims that the oil spill was a disaster for them, when as measured by tainted food, is a completely false statement.

As far as having fishing waters closed, that's a legitimate claim, but continuing to paint a narrative of tainted fish and seafood is an outright lie.

Those suffering from that false narrative are the food processors, who now have to fight the story put forth by some fisherman in order to convince consumers food from the area is edible and safe.

Why some fisherman are allowed to continue to make their assertions is puzzling.

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