Monday, October 18, 2010

French Oil Workers Continue Strike Over Retirement Age

After ignoring an order by the French government to get back to work, oil workers in the country stepped up their battle against an increase in the retirement age to 62, setting tires on fire at an oil refinery just outside of Paris.

Close to a dozen oil refineries in France have been blocked by residents and workers in order to keep workers from entering into the plants to reopen them. Oil depots have also been blockaded by human chains.

Intervention of some sort is expected from the government as Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on Sunday they'll do whatever it take to be sure there aren't fuel shortages in the country.

At this time there are fuel shortages in some places scattered around the country, but it'll get much worse if the protests are allowed to go on.

There are approximately a month of oil reserves left in the country.

Concerns that truckers would join the protests were confirmed Monday, as they started organized slowdowns in order to bring traffic to almost a halt, riding at extremely slow speeds.

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