Monday, October 18, 2010

Evidence Against BP (NYSE:BP) Could Produce Millions of Documents

A number of law firms have been selected to take part in helping compile evidence in the case against BP (NYSE:BP) over the Gulf oil spill, which estimates say could literally run into tens of millions of documents to pour over.

Also included in part of the evidence-gathering process will be compiling the depositions garnered by law firms.

So far approximately 100,000 civil lawsuits have already been filed in connection with the disaster.

At the gathering-evidence stage, the law firms participating will also make decisions on which companies would be held liable in specific circumstances for each case or group of cases.

I say group of cases because 300 have already been consolidated that have similar complaints made against BP in order to streamline the process.

If settlements in the cases aren't reached, a jury would make a decision on what percentage of liability each company holds, or if they have any liability in the first place.

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