Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Contractor Claims BP (NYSE:BP) Got in the Way of Important Operations

BP was accused of interfering in operations which were considered a vital part of attempting to shut down the oil spill leaking into the Gulf by the president of Smit Salvage Americas, Doug Martin.

After the explosion the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, Smit Salvage was hired in an attempt to save the rig.

"When they wanted to calculate the heat load on the boat, I said, 'How do you know how hot the fire is?'" Martin asserted to the joint U.S. Coast Guard-Bureau of Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement investigative panel. "I had a hard time believing there was data available at that time to do that. That's why I felt it was better just to keep the boat cool and use common sense tools to get the ROV in the water."

BP said through a spokesman that the reason for their actions was to ensure the safety of the people on the rig.

The dispute was over lowering a underwater robot which was going to be used to close the blowout preventer, the last line of defense against oil spilling into the Gulf.

When lawyers questioned Martin he wilted and wasn't as confident in his assertions when he had the floor to himself.

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