Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Sued by Environmental Groups Over Wildlife

Based on damage to the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico, and alleged harm to so-called endangered species, a number of environmental groups sued BP (NYSE:BP).

Suing the energy giant are Save the Manatee Club Inc., Gulf Restoration Network Inc. and Defenders of Wildlife.

In the lawsuit they claim BP violated the Endangered Species Act.

They want BP to be forced to restore the habits of the species, and ease the impact of the oil spill on wildlife in the region.

According to the lawsuit, there are a minimum of 27 animal species that are endangered or threatened in the region. Included among them are bird species, turtles and whales.

I wonder who's going to start suing the windmill owners who are causing extraordinary damage to birds and bats, far more in one windmill farm than the entirety of the BP oil spill did to the Gulf.

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