Friday, October 22, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Spill Caused Very Little Damage to Wildlife

Contrary to ridiculous claims and assertions, relatively little wildlife was killed from the BP (NYSE:BP) oil spill.

Test after test from numerous federal and state agencies found fish haven't really been touched at all; will fish being killed or contaminated in any way.

Out of a combined 5,000 tests, both sensory and chemical, only two failures have occurred, and with chemical, none have occurred.

The reports of the thousands of birds collected, reaching 6,104 total, were all birds collected, not those only affected by the oil spill. Of that number, 2,263 of the birds found had some oil on them.

Even that's not conclusive, as they could easily have died of natural causes in areas that included oil.

The hype about sea turtles was just that as well. of the 603 collected, only 17 had oil on the.

Mammals the same thing. Only 97 were collected in all, and only four of those had made contact with oil.

As far as the birds, which were the most affected, that many are killed quickly from the so-called clean energy and non-destructive windmill farms than from the Gulf oil spill. And that's just from one grouping of them.

Altogether windmill farms destroy huge numbers of birds and bats, one of their dirty little secrets.

The data above was reported by NOAA.


  1. Um.... WHAT! Really, really?

  2. Very poor reporting. An additional 456 oiled sea turtles were collected on the water. I personally witnessed days on end when that wildlife recovery team did not even leave the dock. The rescue and documentation of wildlife from on water was virtually non-existent in May, when the oil was most toxic. Experts agree wildlife that perished may have sank, and locals tell of BP burning mass piles of carcasses.

    To learn more and read a more accurate account visit

  3. heartbreaking to see souls so deep in it

  4. Whoever wrote this article is VERY misinformed.. VERY MISINFORMED. Where did you get your information? BP? How much did they pay you to lie? did you NOT see the thousands of dead fish wash up on the shores? the dolphins, oysters, etc? Do you not see what the oil and Corexit have DONE to the ecosystem? take off your BLINDERS and see the REAL world for a change!!

  5. How many of the dead animals were killed by the toxic "dispersant" that was over-used to the detriment of all of us.

  6. What color is your sky, as deluded as you are it is some other color than blue.
    Why not go see for you self?Birds, fish, sea turtles, even a rare pygmy sperm whale that was shown on CNN.
    I have been reading NOAA reports and they do not agree with your statement, were the reports you read fraud or are you a fraud?