Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP), Businesses Supporting Those Opposing Climate Change Hoax

A hilarious article in the UK newspaper the Guardian, attempted to lump BP's (NYSE:BP) name in with the Tea Party movement, pollution and big business, as if somehow that should be considered a negative thing.

They particularly are going into hysterics over what they attempt to smear the entire group as climate change deniers, as if that carries any weight when the theory has already been completely debunked as the hoax and false "science" it is.

So evidently the fact that businesses are supporting some candidates who agree with those understanding the false science behind the climate change hoax is a negative outcome, is ludicrous.

It's funny to see them almost foaming at the mouth as they see businesses and individuals from socialist Europe backing solid American candidates who know and understand the reasons behind the climate change lies and the attempt to extend global governance over Americans, while stealing their money through draconian global tax laws.

While companies gave to other candidates as well, the outrage is over the fact that more was given to those who oppose their agenda than those who back it.

This was all written under the guise of a cloak and dagger operation when it was out there in the open for everyone to see.

Good things those more friendly to business, the free market and freedom in general are getting the majority of the funding. Good thing for BP as well to bravely participate.

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  1. Climate change is real.

    The 2010 hurricane season is one of the busiest ever recorded. Massive droughts and heat waves across the world (over 750 wildfires in Russia alone). A record breaking storm over the mid-west and south US right now.

    The Arctic ice is at its lowest point in history, and Canada, Russia, and Northern Europe are already bickering over trade and exploitation rights of the region.

    City sized icebergs are breaking off of Greenland and the Antarctic.

    Global food prices have risen 22% in the last 3 years due to weather changes.

    What debunked science are you referring to? How do you rationalize these weather changes that are happening now, year after year?