Friday, September 10, 2010

Pacific Gas (NYSE:PCG) Gas Line Explodes in San Bruno

(Getty Images:Justin Sullivan)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (NYSE:PCG) had one of their gas lines explode in a neighborhood of San Bruno, sending one victim to a San Francisco hospital in critical condition, and a number with minor and serious injuries to hospitals around the area.

Preliminary estimates are the explosion destroyed or damaged up to 35 structures, although a final count won't be official until the fire is brought under control and damage assessed.

Some of the homes were destroyed directly from the blast, while others were burned to the ground by flames reportedly as high as 100 feet. As the fire spread it burned everything it came in touch with.

Originally it was thought a plane may have crashed in the area, but that was ruled out by officials. That may have been thought because gas explosions can sound similar to a plane explosion.

San Bruno is located about 8 miles south of San Francisco.

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