Friday, September 3, 2010

Opportunists Seeking BP (NYSE:BP), Mariner (NYSE:ME), Moratorium Connection

In an attempt to quickly persuade the public the devastating oil moratorium imposed by the Obama administration against the will of the American people should remain in place, opportunists under the guise of being journalists, have attempted to connect the explosion, and/or fire, on the oil rig of Mariner Energy (NYSE:ME) with the BP (NYSE:BP) oil spill.

Louisiana Democrat, Lieutenant Governor Scott Angelle, agrees saying, "The president and secretary have made it very clear multiple times that production was not the issue. Anybody who would try to take the drilling moratorium and bring it into this is somebody who has an agenda."

First of all, the depth of the water the Mariner rig was in was only 340 feet. In other words, it wasn't even under the moratorium, and neither was it an exploration or drilling rig, it was a production rig, which is defined as one already having found and pumped the oil.

After originally saying there was a large oil sheen in the Gulf from the incident, citing Mariner workers, when the Coast Guard did their own checking, there was no visual confirmation that that was the case.

A number of conflicting stories have emerged, so we'll have to wait a day or so until they get sorted out and the truth emerges.

Until then, the premature and ridiculous idea that this supports the oil moratorium by Obama can't be taken seriously.

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