Thursday, September 16, 2010

Louisiana Wants Another $75 Million from BP (NYSE:BP)

BP (NYSE:BP) is being asked to pay another $75 million from Louisiana for their tourism industry. BP has already paid out $15 billion to that end.

Louisiana Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle wrote in a letter to BP's general manager of governmental and public affairs, Larry Thomas, saying after a perception study, it was found that the state was still being "constrained by negative national perception."

The perception he was talking about was in relationship to tourism and seafood from the state as it is allegedly perceived to be affected by the oil spill in the Gulf.

Angelle claims the two brands are "inextricably linked," and so both need to be mitigated.

These so-called negative perceptions need to more money to battle, according to Angelle.


  1. Any chance tourism might also be down because of the economy?

  2. They have found a free ride. Perhaps they should get out and try to drum up business for themselves instead milking BP.

  3. Keep milking BP for money and they'll go bust, then no one will get anything. BP should tell Louisiana to go shove it.

  4. What about the huge boost to employment in the State that is a direct result of the spill? A lot of people will be out of work again when the clean up winds down.