Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BP's (NYSE:BP) Incoming CEO Fires Deep Water Well Executive

Andy Inglis, who was the executive in charge of deep water wells at BP (NYSE:BP), was fired by incoming CEO Bob Dudley. Inglis was over exploration and production for the oil giant.

Outgoing CEO Tony Hayward replaced Inglis on the board of TNK-BP in the early part of September, although he'll remain until October 31, according to Dudley.

The divisions Inglis oversaw will be broken up into three units.

After the firing of Inglis, Dudley announced there will be a new unit to oversee safety practices throughout the company.

Heading up the new safety unit will be Mark Bly, who was responsible for the team which did an internal investigation as to the causes of the failed Macondo well.

Dubbed the Safety & Operation Risk unit, it will be authorized to intervene in any technical activity performed by BP and its workers.

An announcement said, "It will have its own expert staff embedded in BP's operating units, including exploration projects and refineries. It will be responsible for ensuring that all operations are carried out to common standards, and for auditing compliance with those standards."

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