Friday, September 10, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Working on Indiana Pipeline to Meet Compliance Standards

A leak in an 82-year-old pipe near Whiting, Indiana resulted in about 192 barrels of petroleum product having to be removed from the area of the leak by BP (NYSE:BP).

The refinery transports diesel fuel and gasoline through the pipelines to Illinois fuel terminals in Chicago and Manhattan. It moves about 420,000 barrels of product a day.

Before they can use the pipeline again, BP must meet compliance standards implemented by regulators from the Department of Transportation.

Among the requirements are to perform inspection along the 38-mile-long pipe, and other pipelines in the Whiting region, and to reduce the maximum operating pressure at the Crete and White Oak Stations to 80 percent of what it was 60 days before August 17, according to the order.

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