Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Says Series of Failures Led to Disaster

The long awaited report of BP (NYSE:BP) was released today, and the conclusion was a series of 8 failures let to the explosion which killed 11 workers and caused oil to spew into the Gulf of Mexico.

According to BP investigator Mark Bly, all eight of the failures had to happen to lead to the end result. Bly and his team investigated the incident over a period of four months.

The bottom line on all of them were the systems in place didn't work and human error in some of the instances were the cause of the accident.

Included in the 25 recommendations by Bly and his team to prevent it from happening again were the overall testing of all equipment and systems to be sure they're working.

Things like auditing and verifying the rig, testing cement, being sure blowout preventers are operating correctly, pressure-testing for well integrity, and the competence of the workers.

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