Friday, September 24, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Research Funds Fought Over by Scientists Who Think They're Entitled to it

In a pathetic display of arrogance and greed, scientists from outside the Gulf states belief they should be recipients of part of the $500 million research money given by BP (NYSE:BP) to study the effects of the Gulf oil spill.

We've said at Dripping Oil from the beginning that many of the statements and assertions made by "independent" scientists was for the purpose of somehow getting their hands on money from the BP accident.

Some poor scientists are worried they're going to be overlooked because the money will largely dispensed to scientists located in the Gulf community.

Hilariously called critics, they are supposedly fearful scientist with "distinguished" oceanographic organizations who won't be included. Guess what, not everybody gets invited to the party.

Amazingly, some have even labeled the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as distinguished, after their assertion there was a giant oil plume blog floating around in the Gulf, even though attempts to find the fictitious oil monster has been met with failure.

Another organization named was the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California. It's like these elitist, arrogant people think they're smarter and more special than the poor Gulf state scientists.

They really don't care about the scientists per se, but the money their institutions will get as a result of them being named to the studies.

Not a person doesn't know this has always been about money, and even money given by BP to certain Berkley departments is being fought over internally because someone else didn't get it.

Research departments across America are short of funds, and this is an attempt to steal funds from the Gulf states to give the liberal, elitist universities - who are located among two of the most socialist states in America - money after they're own state budgets are a disaster because of their ant-business legislation and endless entitlement programs.

BP is expected to sign a deal which wold give preference to scientific institutions in the Gulf states. Good for them. Let the money stay where it's needed, not in the hands of whining people who continue to believe they are entitled to anything someone else gets.


  1. do you think you could proofread your posts. I am neutral to the actual content, but am really turned off by the spelling and grammatical mistakes. You will make your point much more effectively if you correct errors such as spelling. "wold" should be "would." If you stop writing like a 3rd grader, people might find your arguement more persuasive.

  2. Coming from the person who can't even spell argument!!

  3. I'm pretty sure it was an ironic misspelling to make the point.

  4. I doubt it was ironic misspelling as the complainer can't be bothered to properly capitalize his first sentence. As to the topic, it shouldn't be news that "scientists" fight over "research" funds all the time. Remarkably, some people make excellent money at this "jobs" which don't really benefit or prove anything. There is always, always another study against what the first one proves. It's called an opinion, not facts.

  5. You're an idiot. For one thing LUMCON and the other gulf state research agencies don't have large enough ships to do long term deep water off shore research. Scripps and Woods hole do. Scripps and Woods hole operate 270 foot AGOR class research vessels that can spend up to two months at sea! These ships spend 100% of their working time at sea all around the world and are only rarely in home port. Other researchers from all around the world (including the gulf coast) buy time on these ships because they are operated with such excellence.

    The money should go to whoever is the best man for the job, that will have the greatest positive impact on the NONSCIENTISTS in the gulf, who I'm pretty sure outnumber the scientists by a hefty margin.

    If you think scientists aren't doing real work, you obviously don't understand how science works. I suggest you start here: