Thursday, September 23, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Spill Response Cut in Half by Government

Government workers now responding to the BP (NYSE:BP) Gulf oil spill have been cut almost in half, dropping from 48,000 right before the temporary cap sealed the well on July 15, now standing at close to 25,000.

With the command center in New Orleans the long-term station to oversee the operations, former centers in Mobile, Alambama and Houma, Louisiana have been shut down, with workers to be consolidated in the Big Easy.

Replacing government point man Thad Allen at the command center will be Coast Guard Rear Admiral Paul Zukunft.

Approximately 600 miles of coastline in the region are allegedly still affected by the oil spill, said Zukunft.


  1. Oil is simply decomposed vegetation that has been compressed by the weight of sedimentary rock.

    Nature is now taking its course as it has done so for millions of years.

    The hot sun of the Gulf of Mexico evaporated the light oil and the rest has been recycled into the ecosystem by the salt water bacteria.

    Nature will give another helping hand by cleaning beaches during storms and washing any residual oil back out to sea for recycling.

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  3. Cute... But nature also compressed that veggie material for a few million years along with other compounds creating a very toxic situation. The bacteria levels are now out of control and the air in the area is also. Evaporating light oil spreads the mess over land.
    Another part of nature... Mass extinction.
    Cute though...

  4. the anonymous ArseWipe says:
    "Nature is now taking its course as it has done so for millions of years."

    the anonymous ArseWipe is also a Anonymous Idiot !