Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Fund Administrator Feinberg Says Cleanup Wages Won't be Deducted

Kenneth Feinberg, administrator of the BP (NYSE:BP) compensation fund, said he'll waive the previous requirement for those making claims to the fund of deducting wages earned from BP by helping with the oil spill cleanup.

This has been a point of contention for some time, and it seemed at the beginning there would be no concession at all, but the growing antagonism toward Feinberg and the slow pace of the fund may have had a part in Feinberg's decision.

According to Feinberg, fisherman will be specifically helped by the decision, who helped with the cleanup when they weren't able to fish.

So far the fund has paid out over $240 million on 68,000 claims.


  1. Reckless journalism at it finest! He has not paid 68000 claims...He's paid about 16000 while the other sit in misery waiting on him to do what he was hired to do!

  2. And tat is not wat the articule says. The statement reads that 240 Mil has been paid on 68K claims. So, they have recieved 68k claims, and so far tey have paid out 240 mil.

  3. so, the fishermen earned money for helping the cleanup and dont have to declare it anymore, so they can claim full losses from fishing and have a nice earner from the cleanup as well.

    cheeky sods...