Monday, September 13, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP): Extremist anti-Palin Environmental Group Got Government No-bid Contract

Extremist environmental group Defenders of Wildlife, who via its political arm, the Defenders Action Fund, attacked Sarah Palin for her battle against the over-population of wolves in Alaska, which were devastating the food supply of the native population, was rewarded a no-bid contract of $216,625 from the Obama administration.

The extremist group didn't like the way Palin was having the wolf population culled, which was by the use of aircraft to hunt them down and kill them; as if it mattered how they were killed.

Democrat Jamie Rappaport Clark, the executive vice president of the group, and prior director of the Fish and Wildlife Service under former President Bill Clinton, asserted, "I just truly believe there are no dots to connect," concerning the appearance of impropriety.

Defenders of Wildlife made the amazing claim that no politics played a role in the decision in the no-bid contract.

They've obsessed so much over Palin that they're attempting to pressure Discovery Communications to stop the proposed reality TV series called "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

The Fish and Wildlife Service paid out the money to study how the BP oil spill affected ocean birds.

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