Monday, August 16, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Has Already Paid Alabama $240 Million

While BP (NYSE:BP) does not normally comment on individual legal claims against them. The company wanted to make sure that the public knows how much money they have already paid out to Alabama for oil spill recovery costs.

The company says they have already paid out $240 million to mitigate the impact in Alabama. The amount does not include costs directly related to the spill, such as the Unified command response, skimmers, boom, and removal operations.

BP spokeswoman, Dawn Patience stated that the amount does include $87 million that was paid to out of work fisherman to serve in spill response rolls. Another $81 million has went towards claims already paid out. While $50 million went to the state and $22 million to tourist grants.

Patience said that the company recently sent out almost $8,000 letters to people who had filed claims with the company but remained outstanding, most had no documentation. The recipients of the letters were invited to workshops held last week, only about 300 people attended.

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