Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Republican Hid The Fact He Holds BP (NYSE:BP) Stock

Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, released his business portfolio Friday which includes shares of BP (NYSE:BP) stock, as well as two other oil companies totaling $181,000 to $466,000. It's being said that he is putting his own financial interest before the interest of the state.

Mike Tate of the Democratic Party said, " This is a fact he failed to mention and tried to hide from voters for the last month and a half, all the while shilling for big oil interests." His financial holdings are being questioned because of his criticism of President Obama and his stance towards BP. He pressured the company to set up the victim claims fund, while saying BP should be held accountable. While he objects to the their Administration Method's.

Johnson pointed out how Democrats statewide are benefiting from the Wisconsin Retirement Fund which holds BP stock. Tate's response, " We're not talking about a mutual fund when it comes to Ron Johnson, these are direct personal investments in oil companies."

Johnson states that his profile is diverse and he does not only hold stock in oil companies. When Tate was questioned if Johnson would sell the stock if that would take care of the problem he said, " I don't think it does, because this is something he makes money from. He makes money from BP regardless of what he does going forward, it's obvious he's just going to be to try to make up for the fact that he hid from voters that he owns substantial interest in this company and he has been publicly defending this company."

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  1. Evil, pure and simple. If you are this morally bankrupt, its time to leave politics. I'm completely tired of this kind of human parading around as a leader and a role model. The planet is clearly sick, this is going on everywhere. I have an idea, let's evolve just a little. They came out with an awesome new stealth bomber yesterday, the "war machine of the future", or, we could consider a future without war and start manufacturing THAT1 Imagine.