Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oil Leaks Found in BP's (NYSE:BP) Well, Possibly Methane

Among the hush, hush that seems to be surrounding the containment cap testing, a leak has been found in BP's (NYSE:BP) Macondo well. Scientist are concerned about this leak as well as what they fear is methane leaking from another source in the well.

A federal official spoke on the terms of anonymity. He said that he is familiar with the leak but would not say exactly what it was. He feels this is the reasoning behind BP's vagueness and not answering directly what their next move is. He also said that they are not complying with the government demands for stricter and more monitoring.

Meanwhile, BP has concluded their 48 hour testing of the spill containment cap. According to the live oil spill feed, no oil appears to be leaking into the ocean. It's being said that the full testing won't be completed until the end of July. When BP was asked about this they had no comment.

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