Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Evidence BP (NYSE:BP) Swayed Scotland Decision to Release Lockerbie Bomber

The Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, reiterated his conclusion in the matter of BP (NYSE:BP) being somehow involved in persuading Scotland officials to release him, that there is no evidence to show that was the case.

He also pushed against the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, who foolishly have called for a full inquiry into the alleged connection. Cameron said, "I don't think there's any great mystery here. ... I don't need an inquiry to tell me it was a bad decision. It was a bad decision."

Cameron also separated the oil spill from the Lockerbie incident, saying they are two completely different things. That seemed to be a rebuke to the embarrasing Democrats who were ranting about "blood money" and other outrageous statements concerning the alleged connection between BP and releasing the criminal, without them having a shred of evidence to back up their irresponsible comments.

Cameron also continued to press the issue of the importance of BP to America and Britain, and the importance of them surviving the ordeal, while paying for their liabilities in the oil spill. He cited thousands of jobs created by BP in both countries as one of the important characteristics of the oil giant.

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