Sunday, July 4, 2010

BP's (NYSE:BP) Gulf Oil Leak Threatens Historic Shipwrecks

As we watch the news we've seen the obvious disastrous effects of the BP (NYSE:BP) Gulf oil leak. Beneath the Gulf waters there is an underwater battlefield full of historic World War II shipwrecks, sea battles, and the history of pirates.

There are many significant shipwrecks with 20 miles of the damaged oil well. This underwater world was discovered by oil companies while searching for wells. Many researchers fear that this treasure seekers paradise is being destroyed by the crude oil that continues to flow freely. The Gulf is lined with old fishing villages, pirate colonies, historic hotels, American Indian shell midden mounds, World War II casualties, and wooden shipwrecks.

Steven Anthony, president of the maritime archaeological and Historical Society said, "People think of them as being lost, but with the deep sea diving innovations we have today, these shipwrecks are easily accessible."

"If the oil congeals at the bottom, it will be dangerous for scuba divers to go down there and explore. The spill will stop investigations, it will put a chill, a halt on operations," continued Anthony.

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